December 4, 2020

Best Things to Do in Istanbul

Best Things to Do in Istanbul  Best Places to Visit in Istanbul Best things to do in Istanbul in the first place of your list of places to visit, you can write Topkapi Palace because of its historical value and architectural splendor. Topkapi Palace Built between 1465-1478, the palace consists of 4 intertwined courtyards. In...
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istanbul tour with child

Best Places in Istanbul for Families

Best Places in Istanbul for Families Best Places to Visit in Istanbul for families with Children Best places in Istanbul for families, in my article, in which I focused on informing you about places to visit with children in Istanbul, I described the most important structures that shed light on the history of the city....
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Istanbul Local Tastes

ISTANBUL LOCAL TASTES ISTANBUL DISHES AND AUTHENTIC RESTAURANTS   Famous Tastes Identified With Istanbul’s Districts It’s a pity if you live in Istanbul and don’t know these tastes. No, I’m not in Istanbul, but if you say you will come at the first opportunity, make a note of this list immediately. Of course, there is...
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7 Hills of Istanbul

 7 Hills Of Istanbul Do you know where they located?   It is always said that Istanbul is built on 7 Hills. The 7 hills of Istanbul, which have grown and expanded a lot, were formerly located in the area called Suriçi, where Istanbul was first established. During the Ottoman Empire, they built mosques on...
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