Asian Side of Istanbul

Asian Side of Istanbul

Attractions In Üsküdar

Asian Side in Istanbul, Üsküdar, one of the oldest Istanbul districts, was called The “Golden City” in the Byzantine period, that is, Chrysopolis.

In Üsküdar, one of the most historic Istanbul districts, they built many mosques, fountains, baths, and complexes during the Ottoman period.

Üsküdar Pier Square

Today, there are regular ferry services to Besiktas, Kabataş, Eminönü, Haliç, and Bosphorus from Üsküdar Iskele Square, which is frequented by thousands of people.

In Uskudar Pier Square, studies for Marmaray have revealed a small bay in this region where the sea previously entered the land, and then this place was filled and opened to settlement.

At the site of the pier Square, there was an arcade of about 50 shops. It is believed that this bazaar most likely worked as a foundation and provided financial resources for mosques.

They also found coins, seals, and various remains from the Byzantine period during the same excavations.


Istanbul Attractions

Uskudar III. Ahmet Çeşmesi

Üsküdar is the most remarkable historical monument of Iskele Square. The fountain in front of Topkapi Palace is also the same Sultan III. Ahmet had it done.

These beautiful and stylish fountains adorning Istanbul are among the most beautiful works of art of the era.

Üsküdar Attractions

Üsküdar Salacak Coast – Üsküdar Salacak Stairs

The coastal road from Üsküdar to harem has always been one of the favorite places of Istanbul residents.

You can spend a pleasant evening sitting on the stairs of Salacak and watching the sunset.

Salacak Beach, sprouts meatballs, Bagel Palace and Mado, are also trendy places.

Üsküdar Salacak Beach-Where Are The Stairs Of Üsküdar Salacak?

The Uskudar Salacak Coast and Uskudar Salacak stairs, which are among the places you should definitely see in Uskudar, can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Salacak Stairs Üsküdar Attractions

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden Tower, one of the most important symbols of Istanbul, was used as a lighthouse in a period.

It is possible to visit the tower, which is open to the public today, with engines departing from Salacak.

From the maiden’s Tower, you can watch Istanbul and the Bosphorus at a 360° angle.

If you want, you can also sit in the tower’s restaurant or cafe and enjoy food and breakfast services.

Legends about the maiden’s Tower are told.

In the first of these stories, which goes back to Greek mythology, there are two lovers named Hero (girl) and Leandros. The hero is locked in a dungeon where the maiden’s Tower is. And her lover Leandros comes to see her every night by swimming. And on a stormy and choppy night, he drowns, unable to swim to the maiden’s Tower.

In the second story, The Oracles tell the Byzantine King that his daughter will die due to a snake bite. The King builds the Maiden Tower to protect his daughter, and The Princess begins to live there. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a Prince. The Prince sends her a fruit basket as a gift. A snake hiding in a fruit basket kills the princess by stinging her.


Where’s The Maiden Tower?

You can see the maiden’s Tower location, which is the first place among the places you should not return to without seeing it in Üsküdar, by clicking on the link below.

Maiden’s Tower Üsküdar Attractions

Üsküdar Fishermen’s Bazaar

Üsküdar fishermen’s Bazaar is one of the most crowded and lively places in the district. In addition to fish, it is possible to find all kinds of vegetables, fruits, cheese, and nuts.

Where Is Üsküdar Fishermen’s Bazaar?

You can see the location of Üsküdar fishermen’s Bazaar, which is one of the destinations in Üsküdar, by clicking on the link below.

Üsküdar Attractions

Üsküdar Bazaar

It is one of the most convenient places for shopping in Üsküdar. You can find all your home’s needs such as vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, and bread at affordable prices in this market.

Üsküdar Sights

Üsküdar Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Mihrimah Sultan, who built the mosque, is the daughter of Hürrem Sultan and Suleiman The Magnificent. She is also the wife of Rustem Pasha, one of the most famous Grand Viziers of the period.

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, one of the most beautiful works that architect Sinan brought to Istanbul, was completed in 1565.

The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque has recently undergone a successful restoration.

Where Is Üsküdar Mihrimah Sultan Mosque?

You can see the location of Üsküdar Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, one of the most beautiful places to see in Üsküdar by clicking on the link below.

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Uskudar Destinations Uskudar Historical Places Uskudar Destinations Uskudar Attractions Uskudar Attractions

Üsküdar Şemsi Pasha Mosque

The mosque, one of the most elegant works that architect Sinan brought to Üsküdar, is located on the beach. Şemsi Pasha, III. He was Grand Vizier IN Murat’s time.

Where Is Üsküdar Şemsi Paşa Mosque?

Üsküdar you can see the location of Üsküdar Şemsi Paşa mosque between the attractions by clicking on the link below.

Shamsi Pasha Mosque Üsküdar Things To Do Üsküdar Attractions


Altunizade Theological Faculty Mosque

Altunizade Theological Faculty mosque, inspired by the universe’s rotational movements, attracts attention with its different architecture. Its architect is Hilmi Şenalp, an award-winning architect. The “Tokyo Mosque” Project, which he completed in 2000, was selected among the “40 elite works that add color to Japanese architecture” of the Japanese Institute of Architecture and Building Science. He also received a “distinguished Lighting Award” from National.

Altunizade Theological Faculty mosque is designed as a complex. Around it, there are also many service buildings for the faculty’s needs, such as a dining hall, classrooms, meeting, and conference rooms, and an art gallery.

The mosque, which can hold prayers for 4300 people, was built on an area of 2385 m2. Construction of the Uskudar-Umraniye metro at the entrance of the mosque continues. Once the construction is complete, transportation here will be even easier.

Üsküdar Üsküdar Üsküdar Places To Visit Places To Visit Places To Visit

Üsküdar Yeni Valide Mosque

III. It was built by Ahmed’s mother, Gulnush Emetullah Sultan. It is one of the most beautiful architectural examples of the Ottoman period with its baroque-style fountain in its courtyard and the street dispenser.

Where Is Üsküdar Yeni Valide Mosque?

Click on the link below to see the location of Üsküdar Yeni Valide Mosque, which is one of the attractions in Üsküdar.

Yeni Valide Mosque Uskudar Attractions Uskudar Attractions Uskudar Attractions Uskudar Historical Sites

Üsküdar Ayazma Mosque

III. It was built by Mustafa. Built in Baroque style, the most notable feature of the mosque is the interesting birdhouses on its wall.


Üsküdar Rumi Mehmetpaşa Mosque

Rumi Mehmet Pasha is one of the viziers of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. The mosque is one of the oldest Ottoman structures in Üsküdar.

Where Is Üsküdar Rumi Mehmetpaşa Mosque?

Click on the link below to see the location of Üsküdar Rumi Mehmetpaşa Mosque, which is one of the places to visit and see in Üsküdar.

Rumi Mehmet Pasha Mosque Üsküdar Historical Places Üsküdar Historical Places

Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mosque and complex

They built the first Complex here in 1599. 19 mosques and complex buildings were destroyed in a fire. It was renovated in the century. At the Shrine of Aziz Mahmut Hüdai, it is possible to see those who always pray and wish.

Where is Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mosque complex?

The Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mosque and complex, which are among the first places to see in Üsküdar, can be found at the link below.

Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Üsküdar Travel Guide Üsküdar Sights Üsküdar Sights

Üsküdar Surp Garabet Armenian Church

The church, built in the century, is one of the most historical buildings in Istanbul.

Uskudar Travel Guide Uskudar Travel Guide

Üsküdar Mimar Sinan Bazaar

In fact, it is the building that Mimar Sinan built as a bathhouse. They later turned it into a bazaar.

Üsküdar Attractions

Valide-i Atik Mosque and complex

Külliye and mosque II, the work of architect Sinan. It was made for Selim’s wife, Nur Banu Sultan. The mosque’s courtyard, which is one of the masterworks of architect Sinan, is decorated with plane trees. Iznik tiles inside the mosque are worth seeing. In the complex, there are many buildings such as schools, hospitals, baths, and caravanserais.

Üsküdar Things To Do Üsküdar Attractions

Üsküdar Çinili Hamam and Çinili mosque

Ahmed’s wife, IV. It was built by the famous Kösem Sultan, the mother of Murat and Deli Ibrahim.

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