In Istanbul, a quiet, calm, peaceful area… Yes, a person doesn’t believe it, but there is really such a place in Sultanahmet, a place that we can call Istanbul’s exact heart.

Where is Caferaga Madrasah?

Caferağa Madrasa is located on Soğukçeşme Street, next to Hagia Sophia Mosque.

It is possible that those who have visited the historical peninsula before knowing the Caferağa madrasa, but we are almost sure that the number of those who do not know is greater. Because in fact, it is quite difficult to find such a quiet and quiet place on the historical peninsula, which domestic and foreign tourists have flooded for four seasons.

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About Caferaga Madrasah

Even we (i.e., local travelers) can’t enjoy this place while diving into the chaos of life and running around all day, and we don’t even know it exists, unfortunately. We were one of those unlucky people. Until one day, we decided to explore this unique cultural heritage that stands next to us, the historic peninsula and its surroundings.

That’s when we first met Caferaga Madrasa. We had a brief shock when we walked to our feet and went for a tea. So quiet, so peaceful, and so humble. We enjoyed the silence and spent 1 hour there, away from the chaos. We came out the door much happier. And then we became addicted. Almost every time we go to the peninsula, we find ourselves at the Caferağa Madrasa door.

In short, Caferağa Madrasah is one of the places that must be given a chance when you go to the historical peninsula because Istanbul tastes best in such places. First dive into the chaos of Eminönü, and then into the silence of Caferağa…

History Of Cafaraga Madrasa

Caferağa Madrasa was built by Mimar Sinan in 1599. One of the most important works that can survive to this day, the structure gained official status in 1989 and began to serve as a foundation.

There are many activities held at the foundation. We can list courses in many areas such as the ney, lute, mosaic, marbling, calligraphy, tile, painting. In other words, as in the past, this place still supports education as a kind of madrasa and offers peace along with tea to the people who go there to rest. The taste is not delicious…

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