On Bosphorus Shore

Çengelköy neighborhood is part of Üsküdar district, located near the Bosphorus and between Beylerbeyi and Vaniköy neighborhoods. Çengelköy is basically a residential neighborhood where people still keep alive the Bosphorus traditions. Çengelköy was first named Sophianai, which derived from a palace built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. According to hearsays, the name of Çengelköy (hook village) derives from an Ottoman Pasha Çengeloğl Tahir Pasha who possed a mansion by the Bosphorus. Or the name derives from the Persian word çenkar, which means “crab” in Persian. Çengelköy is very famous for cucumber and beautiful mansions, cafes, seafood restaurants, and narrow, colorful streets.

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