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Are you ready to visit Istanbul, the city of ‘Sultans’, the cradle of our culture for thousands of years, and taste the Ottoman spirit? Istanbul tour, which will start from the historical peninsula, will continue with a great Bosphorus tour, and then we will have stops in Pierre Loti, the Pearl of the Golden Horn, and Vialand(Name Changed to Isfanbul), where the pulse of entertainment beats.

Istanbul can also be a great holiday option within the scope of weekend tours for those who are tired of busy business life and are looking for a few different places.

Sultanahmet Square once called ‘Horse Square’, will be our first stop on our trip, where we will start from the historical peninsula, which houses the cultural treasure of Istanbul. With its famous street vendors, tourist density, and mystical air, Sultanahmet Square will take you to completely different dimensions.

The German fountain with its architectural structure and splendor in Sultanahmet Square should definitely attract your attention. Built-in Germany and installed in its current location in 1901, this fountain was built by the German Emperor II. It is Wilhelm’s gift to Istanbul.

One of the historical buildings that you will encounter in Sultanahmet Square is the obelisk. The Obelisk, which is one of the oldest historical monuments of Istanbul, was erected in Istanbul after a war won by the Egyptian ruler. You should also examine the Serpent Column in the square.

The most important historical buildings that you will see in Sultanahmet Square are the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Mosque. The peaceful mystical structure and tiles of the Blue Mosque will impress you very much. Hagia Sophia Mosque’s different architectural structure and figures reflecting the Byzantine period will give you the impression that it was at another time.

If your time is limited, Sultanahmet Square is also within the scope of places you can visit and see in the form of day tours.

Another way to fully assimilate Istanbul is, of course, the Bosphorus Tour. On our Bosphorus tour, you will have the opportunity to see many wonderful villas and the famous bridges of Istanbul very closely. Even the wind of the Bosphorus will enchant you.

On this beautiful Istanbul tour, you will also find the opportunity to visit one of the largest aquariums in the world. You’ll get the chance to take great photos of different sea creatures.

In Zorlu shopping center, one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul, you can shop any way you want and visit shops Without Borders.

After spending time at Vialand, a playground where you will have fun like children, we will go to Pier Loti Hill, where you will sip tea while watching the Golden Horn view. Finally, fun times will be waiting for you in Miniaturk, where the miniature of the famous buildings and places of Istanbul is displayed.

If you want to enjoy the mystical air of Istanbul and witness the wonderful views of Istanbul, we recommend taking advantage of early booking opportunities and participating in Istanbul tours. We wish you a happy holiday.


Things to Do in Istanbul

things to do in istanbul

Use Ferry From Kadıkoy to Besiktas

One of the most beautiful, cheapest, and most enjoyable activities to be done in Istanbul is to ride on one of the steamships running on the Bosphorus line. Besiktas, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce and Topkapı palace, Galata Tower and important palaces on the shores can be seen from the middle of the Istanbul Strait until you get to the Anatolian side of the Kadıköy-Beşiktaş ferry and reach Beşiktaş. If you are on the European side, you can enjoy the same line by riding from Besiktas this time. Don’t forget to buy bagels and throw them to the gulls before you get on the ferry.



Taste Delicious KUMPIR!

The first sight that comes to mind during Istanbul Tour when you say Istanbul is the landscape in the photo below, which also includes the Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge. Taking your caliper prepared with your favorite ingredients from the calipers lined up in rows at the entrance to Ortakoy and sitting on the benches facing this view and spooning your caliper is one of the sine qua nonactivities to be held in Istanbul. It is also quite enjoyable to sip your tea while playing backgammon in cafes in this area or to take bait from Uncle yemci for £ 1 and feed the pigeons in the square.


Walk between Kurucesme-Bebek Area

Start your Istanbul Tour by walking the Kuruçeşme-Arnavutköy-Bebek-Rumeli Fortress line, which has the most pleasant walking route on the edge of the Istanbul Strait, in about 1 hour and enjoys the Istanbul Strait to the maximum. During the walk, you can stop at Kuruçeşme Park and Bebek Park, one of the most beautiful places to see in Istanbul, which is again located zero near the Bosphorus. Don’t forget to buy ice cream from Bebek’s famous mini ice cream shop, which serves in a tiny shop before the Bebek park break. Again, the famous sight guaranteed in the Bebek Center is tea at the baby coffee, drinking coffee is another alternative.


Visit Emirgan on Tulip Time

May and April, which is the time of Tulip, especially visiting Emirgan Grove are one of the most visually fascinating activities to be held in Istanbul. Emirgan Grove is one of the green and wooded places preferred by Istanbulites who want to escape the chaos of Istanbul and leave themselves in the arms of nature at the weekend. In Emirgan Grove and Park, you can take great photos with colorful flowers, tulips in Season, trees with special motifs, and views of the Bosphorus, you can have a picnic and enjoy breakfast in one of the 3 pavilions or enjoy eating and drinking at other meals. Check Next Stop for your Istanbul Tours.

Explore Istiklal Street

If you say two must-see places in Istanbul, I would say first Ortakoy and second Istiklal Caddesi. Since we eat kumpir and drink tea in Ortaköy, then let’s go to Istiklal Street, one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul city. When you arrive in Taksim, you can walk from Taksim Square along Istiklal Street to Galatasaray High School, and you can see cafes and boutiques located on the right and left. I say don’t forget to buy Beyoglu chocolate with all the nuts from Beyoglu chocolate. You can visit the Fish Market opposite Galatasaray High School and have a kokorech or mussel pan between the bread on the feet in Mercan, one of the most famous kokorech shops in Istanbul at the entrance to the Fish Market. It is also quite enjoyable to eat and drink at Nevizade Street or flower passage immediately afterward.


Take a Picture at Madame Tussauds Museum

As far as Taksim, you should visit Madame Tussauds on Istiklal Street, the famous wax sculpture museum. At Madame Tussauds, you can find the opportunity to see many famous names from Arda Turan to Hidayet Türkoğlu, Einstein to Leonardo de Vinci, Zeki Müren to Madonna, Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga, MFO to Rihanna, Adile Nasit to Barış Manço, Shek to Hollywood stars together and up close and take great Instagram photos for your Istanbul Tour.



Climb Galata Tower

If you come to Istanbul as a tourist from the outside, or if you want to be a tourist in your own city, one of the most beautiful activities to be done is the discovery of the Galata Tower and its surroundings. You may be surprised by the development and change in this region, which has recently become quite beautiful and a focal point for tourists. As we have come this far, it is not possible to not go up to Galata Tower, one of the important symbols of Istanbul. You can go up to Galata Tower, one of the oldest towers in the world, and watch the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus panoramic. Galata Tower 2021 current entrance fee is 30 TL. Müzekart is not valid.



Taste Fish Bread at Eminonu

Eminönü, which was once the most important commercial center of Istanbul, is still frequently visited by a certain audience for the exchange of electronic goods, watches, household goods, and clothes. When you arrive in Eminonu, you can buy fish bread from fancy boats on the beach after you have done your shopping from the spice shops selling envoi kinds of spices in the chirping Egyptian Bazaar, nuts. Galata Tower Galata Tower in front of you after eating your fish bread, you can watch the fishermen as you pass the Galata Bridge or have a drink in the cafes under the bridge.



Best Istanbul Tours

A love and hate relationship between Istanbul and Istanbulites… traffic, crowds, chaos, cost, environmental and urban problems… there’s a lot to complain about, isn’t there? But on the other hand, Strait, historical heritage, the beauty of cosmopolitanism competing with each other neighborhoods, buildings, street foods, cats… who connects himself with every steamer countless more beautiful cities built on Seven Hills. “If the world were a single country, its capital would be Istanbul.” of course, Napoleon knows something. According to everyone, there is a reason to love Istanbul; here are 10 reasons why this abundant relationship is indispensable for us…

1. The Bosphorus, which makes Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul and admires every seer, is the first place… this unique landscape, where two continents meet, has been enveloping the city for centuries without losing its glory.

2. Charming architecture of Istanbul … Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, maiden’s Tower, as well as palaces, inns, bazaars, mansions, etc. in the city, which has hosted many civilizations in its thousands of years of history he surprises those who walk their way…

3. A huge international cuisine Istanbul with Antep desserts, Aegean appetizers, Black Sea or van breakfast, French macaroni, Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, and many more flavors…

4. Istanbul’s amazing Districts such as Kuzguncuk, Çengelköy, Yeniköy, and Beykoz have not lost their quality, historical mansions hosted by these districts, tradesmen, friendly atmosphere…

5. Istiklal Street, where all the colors of the city turn into a flood of people with its original cafes, nostalgic Pera spirit, red tramway, street musicians, art centers, bars, passages…

6. Traveling on white steamboats floating on the Bosphorus waters that have been flowing between two continents for centuries, and throwing bagels at seagulls competing on the Steamboat.

7. Princes Islands experiencing Aegean weather in the middle of Marmara…

8. Famous Turkish Kokorec, mussel pan, fish bread, ice cream, pastry, bagel, yogurt, chickpea-rice, Chestnut, corn, and many other street flavors…

9. Enjoy a cup of tea or Turkish coffee brewed against the sunset on Pierre Loti Hill.

10. On both sides of the Bosphorus, watching the beauty of the erguvan trees celebrating the arrival of spring.

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