On Asian Side of Istanbul

Kadıköy is situated by the Sea of Marmara on the Asian side of Istanbul. Perhaps, Kadıköy might be the first settlement in Istanbul. The history dates back to 5.000 BC. that some earthenwares and ceramics have been discovered around Kadıköy. The Phoenicians founded a trade colony called Harhadon around 1,000 BC., and the other settlement was founded as Halkedon, which means “the land of bronze.” In 658 BC. the Greek general Byzas founded Byzantion across from Kadıköy, and by admiring the beauty of the European side of Istanbul ( referring to Constantinople), he described the residents of Kadıköy as blind people. For a long time, Kadıköy was known as the land of blind people. Kadıköy had been under the control of the Romans until the Ottomans conquered it. They gave the city’s administration to Celalzade Hızır Bey, a Kadı (judge) of Sultan Mehmet II. Then the name of the city was called as Kadıköy.

With its historic buildings, cozy streets, traditional restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping areas, Kadıköy is one of Istanbul’s most attractive, popular districts. Besides these elements, Kadıköy consists of some neighborhoods; Moda, Bahariye, Fenerbahçe, Sanatçılar (artisans) Street and Tellalzade Street are worth visiting. Most of the district is pedestrianized where you should not worry about the traffic and explore the area by walk.

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