The neighborhood of the colorful wooden Turkish houses, tv-series, kiosks, yalıs, mosques, churches, and beautiful narrow cobblestone paved streets. No doubt, Kuzguncuk is the most popular local-tourist destination in Istanbul. Kuzguncuk is part of Uskudar district and is located by the Bosphorus but stretches to the inner land, unlike the other neighborhoods of Uskudar. Kuzguncuk is known as the Jewish settlement in ıstanbul. After they were expelled from Spain and Portugal, they came to Ottoman Empire and settled around Kuzguncuk in the 15th century. In the 18th century, the Armenian and the Greek population rose, and meanwhile, they were allowed to build their own religious buildings. Until the end of the Ottoman Empire, Kuzguncuk was where they practiced the religions in harmony.

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