The monastery of the Theotokos Pammakaristos is located in the Fatih district of IstanbulPammakaristos was built during the Komnenian reign as a Middle Age Byzantine church and was added with late Byzantine architecture. The parekklesion was dedicated to Christ, added on the Southside of Pammakaristos by Maria in the 14th century to house her husband’s tomb.

From 1455 to 1587, the church became the seat of the Patriarchate by Gennadios II Scholarios. It was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan Murad III and named “Fethiye” on behalf of Georgia’s conquest.

It was renovated several times and specially restored extensively between 1938-1940, and converted into a museum. The Byzantine Institute has uncovered all the mosaics and the frescoes.

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