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Sarah and Mark, UK – Reviewed on 02/06/2023

Solo Traveller

“We can’t imagine exploring Istanbul without our personal tour guide. They made us feel like insiders, introducing us to local traditions, and taking us to the most incredible local markets. Their knowledge and enthusiasm were truly inspiring. Thanks to them, our trip to Istanbul became a deeply meaningful and unforgettable experience.”



Emily and David, USA – Reviewed on 01/06/2023

Couple Traveller

“Our personal tour guide in Istanbul was an absolute gem! Their passion for the city’s history and culture was infectious, and we were captivated by their storytelling. They took us off the beaten path, revealing hidden neighborhoods and charming cafes we would have never found on our own. It was an unforgettable journey of discovery.”



Craig S. – Reviewed on 01/03/2023

Group Traveller

Our Istambol trip was indeed marvelous… We found the destinations selected (Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Taskim square, and Kamilika Hill…) all well picked, very interesting, and worth visiting. Also the combination and alternating of historical sites, natural sites was optimal. The traveling was great, Our Guide Baris was sooo helpful and informative.
Thank you.



Gabriele B. – Reviewed on 27/02/2023

Couple Traveller

We appreciated the Istanbul tour very very very much; it was varied, well organized, all perfect!. Our guide Baris was really excellent in all fields, very passionate and concerned. Top performance, Book Baris and explore Istanbul.



Lisa R. – Reviewed on 18/02/2023

Couple Traveller 

Instead of taking group tour we decided to get private tour just for us! Indeed it is cheaper than group tours and you are not bounded to rules in group especially in covid period. Our Istanbul trip was very well organized, excellent guide… everything beyond our desires, Barish was superb! Thanks. Best time to travel in Turkey as not so much people on streets, no queue.


Louise S. – Reviewed on 06/11/2023

I must thank you with plenary satisfaction for the success of my tour with you in Istanbul. Tour program was perfect and very elastic to support changes, supplements and substitutions… The central factor in the success of my tour was our guide who has all the qualities required in the tour-guide activity: full of energy, understanding, sympathetic and initiative, open-minded, mindful… Thanks to Private Istanbul Guide Team, my holiday has been an unforgettable event.



Daniele H. – 18/10/2023

Family Traveller

Thank you for all the preparation. Barish did to make our trip so successful. We all really appreciated it. BORIS (we call him but origin, Barish) was very easy to get along with and spoke very good English, knew almost every step of Istanbul city. Joseph (driver) was a very competent driver. Turkish food was always tasty and plentiful. We suggested some exceptionally great restaurant. No one ever went hungry. Thank you again for all of the time and effort you spent on this tour. None of us would hesitate to ask for your help in planning another trip.”



Αλέξανδρος – 11/07/2023

Group Traveller

Απολαμβάνουμε απόλυτα την περιοδεία μας. Οι επικοινωνίες με τον Μπάρις ήταν εξαιρετικές και πολύ χρήσιμες για εμάς. Συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα.



Marie. L.W – 18/09/2023

Family Traveller

Great Guide!
During our time in Istanbul, Baris served as our guide for two days. He was incredibly knowledgeable and personable. Baris was able to customize the schedule so that it worked well for us, and we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. After everything was over, we felt as though we had the entire experience, including sightseeing, learning about the local history, doing some shopping, and eating some excellent food.



Ms.Lynn – Reviewed on 17/2/2023

Hakan made my day!

Booked a tour guide over privateistanbulguide.com with amazing suggestions and itinerary of Hakan who lead us to make the perfect tour and explain how I should choose my guide, which guide is best for me&my husband. Book your Istanbul tour guide as professional and licensed from privateistanbulguide.com. No words can explain how we enjoyed it and how beautiful the city was Istanbul…




Mr.Benjamin – Reviewed on 12/5/2023

Superb Schedule

Before book a tour guide you exactly need to choose the best suitable guide. Private Istanbul Guide website where booked the best suitable tour guide for my family with 2 kids(13-17). Also, via e-mail, I got many suggestions, and we made a perfect itinerary. That is highly recommended. Thank you for all.




Mr.Philip & Ms.Jane – 29/10/2023

Perfect Istanbul Tour with a very Friendly Guide

Amazing tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a wealth of information. She was very flexible and accommodating to my need for coffee stops but made sure we could see all the sites whilst avoiding the queues. She took all precautions against the Coronavirus. She was always wearing a mask and using a hand-sanitizer. I highly suggest booking a tour guide during your visit.




Mr.ROBERT – 14/9/2023

The Best Guide

No questions left unanswered! Perfect start to the Historical and cultural fabulousness of Istanbul! Our guide went above and beyond and continued to send us recommendations of the best flavors, Turkish Delight, highlights, views, and experiences. I couldn’t recommend private Istanbul guide more highly.




Ms.Germa and Friends – 11/2/2023

Well-Educated Experienced Guides

My friends from the U.S. and I enjoyed our private Istanbul tour with our ‘Istanbul Guide’ very much. She customized our tour to explore the rich history of Istanbul, such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, Spice Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, and  Bosphorus cruise tour through the Bosphorus provided us an excellent and relaxing cruise while going through the sights of the strait. Our Tour guide recommendation for lunch and dinner was also perfect. She is a knowledgeable, informative, and extremely wonderful guide. She is also so friendly and dependable. I highly recommend Privateistanbulguide.com as a guide service to visit Istanbul to explore the amazing historical sites, museums, restaurants, shops, and the Bosphorus.




Ms.Marty – 4/1/2023

Excellent Guide Service!

I get my tour guide with Ender’s support from Private Istanbul Guide for two days during my Istanbul stay. He planned an amazing itinerary that combined Istanbul’s historical sites with fewer tourist places and visited the local markets.

During our first day, we visited the old part of the city, while in the afternoon we visited the new part/sights of the city. We discovered and learned about Turkish people’s history and habits by an amazing Bosphorus cruise during our second day.

After my two days Istanbul City Tour, I left Istanbul with a piece of much greater knowledge about the history of the city, Muslims, and Turkish habits, and I tried some of the most delicious Turkish dishes.
I would not hesitate to recommend this website and the team to any friend or family who will be traveling to Istanbul.

Eugene K – 14/12/2022

We took a two-day tour of Istanbul with Semih, and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He was amazing in every way! Full of energy, passion, and detailed knowledge of his home city. We placed our complete faith in him to organize our days, and the results could not have been more satisfying. Naturally, he brought us to the significant landmarks, but he also led us to the hidden gems that were out of the way and showed us what Istanbul was like from the point of view of a more native resident. We took a private tour for our group of five, and it was well worth the money. We are incredibly passionate about history, art, and politics, and Burak’s in-depth comprehension and knowledge satiated our hunger for information. We are so relieved to have located this company and guide.




The Christy B. – 11/5/2022

It was the perfect day to beat the crowds in Istanbul while we were there!

Sanem, our tour guide, was incredible! She came to meet us immediately on the ship, and she made our day absolutely perfect. Throughout the entire day, she kept us one step ahead of the crowds. She provided us all the information we needed to grasp the history of each location, but not so much that it was boring or overwhelming. We were able to visit so many sights in addition to going to the Grand Bazaar and shopping there. Along the way, we stopped for little snacks at local restaurants. Sanem was great with all the nerds in our group. acted as a protective mother hen for us whenever necessary in large crowds, was amusing, and maintained a smile throughout the day. We had our tram tickets purchased in advance. We had our museum passes pre-purchased so that we could simply pay her and avoid the long lineups at the museum. If I were to be completely honest with you, if you did this on your own, you would only see ten percent of what we did. This gets a perfect score of 10 out of 10 from us! We so loved our day in Istanbul, and Fatma was the reason! Because we had microphone headsets, we were able to hear all that was said. Sanem remained with us throughout the entirety of the day and escorted us all the way back to the ship to ensure that we were in possession of everything we required. It truly was an amazing experience!




The J.C. Crystal 5/4/2022

Highlights of Istanbul

My wife and I had a lovely time throughout our vacation. Baris led us on a tour that lasted for two days. He was very organized and patient with us. Very generous. Thank you, Baris.




Wasif D.– 7/3/2022

One of the best tour guides around, accommodating a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

I would like to remark that my private tour guide, “Cem Ballsun,” was absolutely wonderful. Her charisma and great knowledge of culture and variety have helped me put my entire experience to rest, and of course, some banter made me feel relaxed.




Gustavo Adolfo C. – 15/10/2022

The tour was really stunning, and it was fantastic! the xxxi. Thank you so much, Miss Hilya.

The viewpoint of a once-employed travel agent who is now retired In each and every definition and use of the term “excellent,” Miss Hilya exemplifies the qualities of an excellent person and a highly professional individual. We were exposed to a wealth of new information regarding the history, traditions, and customs of Turkey and its people. This trip, thanks to Miss Hilya, is an unforgettable experience for each and every member of my family. We all know that there will be another opportunity soon. We are grateful to you, Miss Hilya, and wish you to feel the love and support of everyone in this family.




Rosemary R – 19/2/2022

The tour is an excellent option for seeing the most important sights in Istanbul with the assistance of an experienced guide. Duygu, the tour guide, is a kind, patient, and joyous man who, in addition to his professionalism, makes it simple to comprehend the history of that stunning location. The firm is dependable and easy to get in touch with.

There is no question in my mind that it was an amazing adventure.




Christopher Low 11/24/2022

Amazing day in the old city!

Sanem was a lot of fun to hang out with all throughout the day. When you visit the Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern, and the Topkapi Palace, you should absolutely hire a tour. We gained a deeper appreciation for Istanbul, its people, and the ways in which it has developed over the years as a result of Sanem’s assistance in understanding the histories of the locations we saw.

I cannot suggest Sanem highly enough as your tour guide in Istanbul.



A. Jadran & M. Adrian

Hakan is the best guide, by far!

The tour guide had a lot of interesting stories to tell and was highly educated. He was an expert in every aspect, from the background to the most efficient routes.


Joshua H 12/3/2022

The trip was excellent, and our guide Edy was outstanding in every way; they were extremely informed, professional, polite, and entertaining.



Harsh N– 13/8/2022

Ozgen was an outstanding tour leader. Exceptionally competent and well-organized. He began by giving us the itinerary, explaining the scheduling constraints for the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, which require us to be there by a specific time, and demonstrating how to take the tram, get a tram pass, and navigate the city. Both of these attractions require us to be there by a certain time. His recommendations for lunch and shopping were spot on and genuine (excellent food and wonderful authentic products for a good price!). He also had some great ideas for things to buy.



Lynette M – 16/6/2022

Fantastic tour, and so much to see!

We booked a private two-day tour of Istanbul with Semih, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We were able to see a lot of Istanbul, and it left a lasting impression on us as a wonderful city. There is so much to see! Our driver, Semih, was an amazing person! He was such a great person to spend two days with; not only did he have a wealth of information regarding the history of Istanbul, but he also showed us many incredible locations. This tour, as well as having Semih serve as your guide, comes highly recommended from our team!




The Aishling D. – 17/8/2022

Fabulous Day Tour in Istanbul, thanks to Sanem

Thanks to Sanem, we were able to have a lovely first day seeing Istanbul. She picked us up from our hotel, and we spent the day having a terrific time exploring the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome, and the Grand Bazaar. Sanem possessed a high level of expertise and was able to provide satisfactory responses to all of our inquiries. Sanem was very polite to us and assisted us in finding everything we wanted to see and purchase. She also made sure that we understood how to use the tram for the remainder of our stay, which was really helpful. I wouldn’t highly recommend the tour or Sanem as your guide.




It is Mohammed E.  – 28/7/2022

A visit to Istanbul lasting two full days

Wonderful adventure with Memis, our guide, who was highly knowledgeable and did an outstanding job. I will most certainly reiterate. The guide was very curt and was not rushing.




The Fizza M. – 17/3/2022

Absolutely Amazing Trip

Fantastic guide who is quite knowledgeable about the various historic landmarks, restaurants, and shops in the area. The command of the English language was really strong. When we go on another tour, we will be sure to ask for Memis to be our guide again.




It’s Anne G. 8/1/2022

Murat was our tour guide for a day in Istanbul. He was really incredible! He was quite well mannered and extremely informed about the history of Istanbul in its entirety. He was really patient with us, as we were a group of five crazy women! 😆 He patiently went through each attraction and detailed it to its utmost extent. Even more generously, he letuso assist him in capturing some really gorgeous shots of the five of us. I am confident that Murat will be an excellent advisor for you. If you want someone nice and patient, he’s your guy!

Warren S. – 6/5/2020
Great tour guide

Ozcan possesses an astounding amount of information and communicates it in an approachable and interesting manner. Because he is so sensitive and careful, he makes sure that we are led on terrain that is both safe and easy to walk on. He made the most of the short time we had by purchasing our tram and site tickets for us so that we would not have to stand in line and lose time. He was accommodating and altered the itinerary when we had already visited one of the scheduled sights. He substituted another location that was of great interest and was located in handy proximity to where we were. He made sure that we returned to the ship on schedule, but he also made sure that we did not return too early, which allowed us to make the most of our time in port. He made sure to get in touch with us both the day before and the morning of our trip so that we could simply and quickly get in touch with him. He has a very charming personality, is extremely polite, and has a good command of the English language. In addition, he is well versed in American idioms. We could not have been happier with the results.



It was Daniel S.  – 1/10/2020

Duygu’s information is astounding.

We booked a 2-day Istanbul tour and had Duygu as our guide while we were in port on an overnight cruise. She has a great deal of expertise and imparts a lot of useful information. Some of the information given was overwhelming, but she did her job of helping her group understand the history of the sites we visited. The thing I liked most about Duygu was her ability to get us to and from locations via public transportation. We decided not to rent a car or van for our group because we found that taking public transportation met all of our needs. It is important to keep in mind that if you choose this option, you will need to be prepared to walk a significant distance at a rapid pace in order to see a good portion of the attractions that are included in the schedule. The tour covers the new portion of the city on a different day than it covers the old part of the city on the first day. We were able to spend a significant amount of time walking about (despite the fact that all of us are in our senior years).

Duygu complied with our requests and arranged for the first day’s activities to last for a longer period of time than the second day’s activities would. We were very pleased with this tour.



Sathyanarayana K. – 3/2/2020

It was a lovely experience; our tour guide, Sanem, was very nice, knowledgeable, polite, decent, resourceful, and jovial; we saw all of the main sights as planned; and it went according to schedule. We had a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to seeing him again on one of our future trips.




 Fionna S – 3/6/2020

FANTASTIC!!!! Things that can’t be missed while in Istanbul

Hakan, our tour guide, was simply outstanding in every way. He was pleasant and really flexible with his schedule. In addition to that, he possessed an outstanding command of the English language and was exceptionally well-versed in the past. We had no trouble understanding everything that he had to say, and he made the whole tour an enjoyable and exciting experience. We were able to see every place that we wanted to see, even with our large family of eight people, which included my grandma, who is 86 years old. Lunch was fantastic for all of us. The Grand Bazaar was closed because our tour took place on a Sunday; as a result, we proceeded to the Spice Bazaar instead, which proved to be a lively and satisfactory alternative.

We will most certainly return to Istanbul, and if it is at all feasible, we would want to have Hakan serve as our guide once again.




A. E. Ashley – 4/7/2020

Have a wonderful time discovering Istanbul! We decided to go on the two-day excursion and had a wonderful time. Our tour guide’s name was Cem Ballsun, and he was a consummate professional who was also kind and friendly. He was also extremely informed about the city. And he adapted the tour to what we wanted to see. Being able to skip some lines meant we could see more, and as we don’t speak Turkish, it was invaluable to have someone who could navigate us to locations. We hired a driver for the second day of the tour, and we have to say that it was money well spent and something that we would recommend to other people. The city is amazing, and it has been my favorite destination thus far. There is a great deal of history to explore, a great deal of delicious food, and a great deal more…




Carol G – 11/8/2020

Ender served as our private tour guide during our recent trip to Istanbul, which lasted for two days. She is the most outstanding. He is well-informed, familiar with her background, and adds a fascinating twist to the story. The best thing about her is that she is a lovely and kind person! He was accommodating and altered the plan so that it better fit our requirements. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Would highly recommend Edy as a top performing guide.





Jessy L. – 3/2/2020

Excellent walking tour with nice guide

An excellent walking tour for private groups in Istanbul

Our guide Serkan picked us from the hotel on time and brought us to all the attractions. Very helpful in addition to being polite. He took his time and politely explained everything to us.

Fantastic tour!





Marie B. – 28/4/2020

Sanem is an excellent guide and company. Her knowledge is incredible, and through our conversation, I gained a tremendous perspective and comprehension of Turkish historical events. The day I spent with her was fantastic.





Radney S. – 15/7/2020

Ozcan, who served as our guide, was fantastic! We saw all of the most important places, but we were also able to keep things flexible to accommodate the requirements of our group. Because he was so knowledgeable, we picked up a lot of background information on Istanbul and the surrounding region, some of which dates back thousands of years. We had a personalized tour for two full days. It is a walking tour for the most part, with some public transportation provided and a boat trip to view the Asian side of Istanbul. Do be prepared to wait in line for some of the popular sites, but Ozi got in line early for us one morning, so we didn’t have to wait very long at the Sophia Hagia. Overall, this is a fantastic way to see all of the must-see places in Istanbul, with a flexible itinerary and an educated and kind guide.

Nicky W

Seeing all the sites and having an amazing time!

It was shaping up to be a very hot day, but the guide paced the tour beautifully, took us to a restaurant for an early lunch so we could have a well-deserved rest and beat the crowds (note, lunch was not included in the tour), and then carried on refe…” “Highly, highly recommend this one-day “”all the major sights”” walking tour of Istanbul. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable and really knew his way around. Lots of unexpected and interesting nuggets of information along the

Remember to bring a bottle of water (at least! ), sunscreen, and hats, and if you are a woman, remember to bring a scarf to cover your hair. You can receive a loan scarf at the mosques, but you might prefer your own. If you are going on this tour during the hot summer months, make sure you pack a bottle of water (at least!), sunscreen, and hats.

I really enjoyed my first day in Istanbul, but if we’d had more time there, I definitely would have continued on to the second and/or third days.


Lyn F!

The Best Way to Begin Your Time in Istanbul.

It was our first day in Istanbul, and we couldn’t have wished for a better way to get acquainted with the city than what we experienced today! Hulya was a wonderful tour guide; she was really knowledgeable and quite courteous, and she patiently answered all of our questions. She was very accommodating with the agenda, adjusting it to fit our needs with regard to timing and interests. Our tour with Sanem and the Best of Istanbul was quite enjoyable, and we would highly recommend it to anyone!



We did the one-day tour and saw lots of interesting locations.

Our guide provided us a lot of information and was very flexible. We had a wonderful experience with him.
I would not hesitate to recommend both our tour guide and the excursion itself.”



Mike G

Absolutely wonderful tour in an incredible city!

Our tour guide, Mustafa, was great and kept everything organized and relaxed for our tour. We had a great time and saw a lot of history that Mustafa explained to us in detail. I would highly recommend booking this tour and asking for our guide; he was amazing!

Thank you very much!



Natalya Y

from Boston, Massachusetts.

Wonderful old city trip and excellent tour guide. This tour was excellent in every way! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sanem, our tour guide, was not only nice and accommodating but also well informed about all of the locations we went to. During lunch, she made some excellent recommendations for the food, and she tailored the tour around the Grand Bazaar to my particular areas of interest. Sanem, on the other hand, showed a genuine interest in the stories I told about the two countries with whom I am affiliated. We were able to view the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia before they were too crowded and before it started becoming too hot later in the day because we started the tour early in the day (8:30 am). This was a terrific decision because we were able to see them before it got too hot later in the day. Sanem was also a talented photographer. This is an experience that I would strongly suggest to anyone.



Henry C.

What an accommodating and well-informed tour guide! The unique details were a highlight for us, and he was very accommodating to our requirements.




I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the highlights! Duygu was an extremely pleasant person who was also quite knowledgeable as a tour guide. She was able to give us some wonderful advice and organize the trip in such a way that we were able to schedule it well and avoid the insanely lengthy lineups. She gave us the freedom to personalize the tour to fit our needs as a family. After having such a wonderful day with her, we have a much better understanding of the remarkable landmarks and fascinating history of this stunning city.
The best experience we’ve had as a travel agency was from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we were picked up the next day. Ahmet were outstanding Spanish tour guides. Carlos M. Moravia, Costa Rica Turqua en español (from Costa Rica) The best experience we’ve had as a travel agency, from the moment we stepped off the airplane to the moment we were picked up the next day… Without a shadow of a doubt, this is our most memorable travel experience to date. Punctuality, knowledge, tours, and transportation, among other services.




That is an incredible amount more than we could have hoped for!

We hadn’t made up our minds about how we were going to feel about Istanbul. I hadn’t done a ton of research on this port before we arrived here on our cruise, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Because of our wonderful tour guide, Gurhan, this turned out to be one of our most memorable stops. He had an incredible amount of expertise, was fantastic with our little children, and was a lot of fun to hang out with. He made everything fascinating for each one of us to experience. I would go out of my way to see them once more if given the chance!



Masood khan –  San Francisco,

Amazing two-day private tour of Istanbul’s highlights and hidden gems Visiting the landmarks of Istanbul was a lot of fun for us. We had an awesome personalized tour of Istanbul that lasted for two full days. Taking in the sights of Istanbul was a wonderful experience for all of us. Strongly suggested as an option.


There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Baris. He deserves a perfect score of ten. Obtain Baris and make use of this exclusive excursion. His extensive knowledge of Turkey’s rich history and each and every location in the country will astound you. Our tour took place in Istanbul, but Baris is able to lead tours lasting many days in every region of Turkey. Baris has a wide network, and he will take you to places in his neighborhood where he is familiar with the proprietors. We were seated at the most desirable table and served immediately for our meal. He presents a diverse range of choices. This is a personalized trip catered to your preferences and arranged according to your schedule. Seven hours have passed, yet ultimately, the decision is yours to make. It is difficult to see everything that Istanbul has to offer in one day, but if you let Baris know how much time you have, he will design a schedule for you. Have fun!



Jonas Perfect “Everything was very nice, and we took a tour led by Sinan Bayram, who was friendly and spoke excellent Spanish. We thought he did a great job.”
Everything was really close, and we walked to it.”



Luis Eduardo Alcalá Molina Puebla, Mexico

Recomendo 100% el tour en espaol con Sinan!” My tour guide, Murat, was, without a doubt, the best tour guide I’ve ever had on any trip I’ve ever taken. I would like to mention that I was traveling by myself.” The route is really well planned out; I participated in a private tour for two days. However, the credit for the recognition goes to my tour guide.



Highly recommended! Nazirita is located in Miami, Florida.

The most advantageous choice we made regarding our time in Istanbul was to go with the guided Istanbul tour. Putting together the itinerary was a really simple task. We received timely responses to all of our inquiries, and all of our requests were honored in their entirety. Dilek, our tour guide, was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable, adaptable, and pleasant to work with. I cannot thank you enough for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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