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Daily Edirne Tour from istanbul

Edirne Tour from Istanbul

Edirne Tour Itinerary

You can expect a pick-up at the hotel and a ride to Edirne. Selimiye Mosque, which the Ottoman Sultan Selim II constructed between 1568 and 1775, is where we start. Mimar Sinan, a well-known architect from the Ottoman Empire, created the mosque. The Selimiye Mosque is a landmark in Edirne and is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

In 1414, Sultan Mehmed I of the Ottoman Empire built the Old Mosque. It was one of the first mosques to be built in a square shape.

The first rectangular Ottoman mosque, Uc Serifeli, also features the first madrasa, library, bath, and garden.

Around the beginning of June and throughout July, oil wrestling is organized at Kirkpinar Wrestling Area. Many wrestlers travel from all over Turkey to compete. They have a chance to compete in the finals if they can make it through the qualifications.

If you have leisure, you can sip some Turkish tea or coffee while watching the River Meric.

Drive back to Istanbul once the sightseeing trip to Edirne is over.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

Edirne Tour Details

We advise you to dress casually and wear comfortable shoes for the Daily Edirne Tour from Istanbul.

The tour lasts from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Transportation is included in the tour cost. You will be picked up from your hotel or home address.

Meeting Time

at 08:00 a.m

Price Includes

  • Private Professional Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees, Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Private van
  • Lunch

Price Excludes

  • Gratuities to Guide

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Starts from

$570 for up to 5 people

$710 for up to 10 people

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Edirne Tour
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    Edirne Tour
    Private Edirne Tour
    Private Edirne Tour

    Private Edirne Tour

    The city of Edirne in the northwest of Turkey is a popular tourist spot because of its interesting history, beautiful architecture, and rich cultural heritage. When you visit Edirne, you can learn about its long history and cultural heritage in a unique way. A guided tour is among the best ways to discover Edirne.

    For those who would like a more specialized and customized experience, private Edirne tours are a fantastic choice. These excursions provide visitors the chance to explore the city at their own pace under the direction of an informed local guide. The tour guide can offer insightful explanations about the city’s history, culture, and architecture, enhancing your memory of Edirne.

    There are also tours of Edirne that leave every day for people who would rather travel with a group. These trips are a great way to meet up with other tourists and learn about the city with the help of a local. Travelers can easily add Edirne to their itinerary because trips can be arranged from Istanbul.

    The city’s numerous historical sites and landmarks, including the Edirne Palace and Selimiye Mosque, as well as numerous hammams and Ottoman-era structures, attest to Edirne’s rich history and cultural legacy. The Tunca River, which flows through the city, and the surrounding countryside are two examples of the natural beauty that contributes to Edirne’s tourism industry.

    Edirne is a must-see for people who are interested in Turkish history, culture, and architecture. With its well-preserved Ottoman-era buildings and beautiful Ottoman-era architecture, Edirne is a great place to learn about Turkish history.

    A full-day Edirne tour is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a more in-depth experience. A local guide, transportation, and stops at several of the city’s historical monuments and landmarks are typically included in these trips. An Edirne tour can be expensive, but it is well worth it for the distinctive and memorable experience it offers.

    In conclusion, Edirne is a destination that gives visitors a singular and memorable experience. Whether you choose a daily or private Edirne tour, you won’t forget the city’s fascinating past, gorgeous architecture, and rich cultural legacy. Anybody interested in Turkish history and culture must take a guided tour of Edirne and a trip there is likely to be one to remember.

    Edirne Tour from istanbul
    Edirne Tour from istanbul

    Edirne Tour

    Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of Edirne, one of Turkey’s hidden gems with a rich cultural, historical, and architectural heritage. As part of this tour, you will traverse through the charming streets of Edirne, a city that was once the second-most significant location of the Ottoman Empire. Marvel at its regal Ottoman architecture as our knowledgeable guide vividly narrates the city’s illustrious past, allowing you to relive the majestic times of the Ottoman era.

    Edirne Tours

    Edirne Tours offers a splendid array of experiences that traverse centuries-old history, diverse culture, and exceptional architectural beauty. Whether you want to explore the architectural wonder of the Selimiye Mosque, discover the therapeutic benefits at the historic Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, or indulge in some local shopping at the vibrant Arasta Bazaar, our well-crafted tours provide ample opportunities to engage with the vibrant essence of Edirne.

    Private Edirne Tour

    Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a private Edirne tour. Tailored exclusively to your interests, our private tours allow you to set the pace and explore the city in a manner that resonates with your personal preferences. With a dedicated guide at your service, dive deep into the stories behind Edirne’s rich history, from the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire to the city’s significance in modern Turkey. Whether it’s the historical sites, local gastronomy, or bustling markets, a private tour ensures a personalized experience, making every moment in Edirne truly memorable.

    Guided Edirne Tour

    Embark on an enriching journey through Edirne with our Guided Edirne Tour. Our expert guides, well-versed in the city’s history, architecture, and culture, will lead you through the city’s remarkable sites, offering profound insights and engaging anecdotes at every turn. From the breathtaking Selimiye Mosque, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture, to the fascinating Old Mosque with its enchanting interiors, our guided tour offers a comprehensive overview of Edirne’s many wonders.

    Day Tours from Istanbul

    Venture into the Turkish countryside and explore the historical treasures of Edirne with our day tours from Istanbul. Just a short drive away from the bustling city of Istanbul, Edirne offers a serene escape into a world steeped in history and culture. Our day tours meticulously curate the best of Edirne, ensuring a fulfilling excursion away from the metropolitan life of Istanbul. Witness the Ottoman splendor, the city’s compelling museums, and the charming local markets, and savor the unique Edirne cuisine, all in a day’s journey.

    Daily Tours from Istanbul

    Every day is a new adventure with our daily tours from Istanbul. Offering convenient pick-up and drop-off services, we ensure a hassle-free and memorable exploration of Edirne. Whether it’s your first visit to this historical city or you’re a seasoned traveler seeking a fresh perspective, our daily tours promise a vibrant mix of culture, history, and tradition. From marveling at the grandiose architecture to savoring traditional Turkish delicacies, a day in Edirne is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

    Edirne Tours
    Edirne Tours

    Daily Edirne Tour

    Experience the charm and majesty of Edirne on our Daily Edirne Tour. Perfectly suited for travelers with limited time, our daily tour captures the essence of this historic city. Wander through the city’s splendid mosques, each a testament to the grandeur of Ottoman architecture. Visit the captivating museums, engage in the local culture, and sample the famous Edirne cuisine. With convenient schedules and comprehensive itineraries, our daily Edirne tour offers a rewarding experience brimming with rich history and cultural encounters.

    The Daily Edirne Tour commences at the Selimiye Mosque, an iconic representation of Turkish-Islamic architecture, adorned with mesmerizing Islamic calligraphy and intricate artistry. Experience tranquility in the grandiose prayer hall and capture the sweeping views of Edirne from the mosque’s courtyard.

    Next, we journey towards the Old Mosque, an important piece of Edirne’s history. Here, you’ll experience an amalgamation of simplicity and grandeur, an indelible mark of the early Ottoman architectural style.

    Our tour then takes a detour toward the bustling Arasta Bazaar. Allow the vibrant colors, the tantalizing aroma of the spices, and the seductive sound of the local trade to captivate your senses. From traditional Turkish lamps to handmade carpets, Arasta Bazaar offers a variety of souvenirs to remember your visit with.

    The tour proceeds to the intriguing Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, a unique spot showcasing the history of medical sciences in the Ottoman Empire. Get a closer look at centuries-old medical instruments and learn about the unique therapies and treatments used during that era.

    Afterward, we invite you to indulge in the local cuisine, particularly the famous Edirne Tava Cigeri (Edirne Fried Liver). Sample the variety of dishes influenced by centuries of culinary tradition.

    As the day concludes, we visit the historic Karaağaç Train Station, a beautiful building now serving as the Trakya University Rectorate Building and the Treaty of Lausanne Monument and Museum. As you stroll around, our guide shares captivating tales of the city’s vibrant past and its significant role in the formation of modern Turkey.

    Our daily Edirne tour promises an immersive, enriching experience packed with historic discovery, cultural interaction, and local gastronomy. Book your tour now and get ready to create lasting memories in the beautiful city of Edirne.

    Edirne Day Trip from Istanbul

    Discover the beauty of Edirne on our specially curated day trip from Istanbul. Just a few hours away from the bustling city of Istanbul, Edirne is a treasure trove of Ottoman architecture, fascinating museums, and vibrant local markets. Our day trip is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the city, from its grand mosques and royal palaces to its intriguing cultural centers. Step back in time as our knowledgeable guide takes you through centuries of history and enjoys a delightful journey through one of Turkey’s most charming cities.

    Trip to Edirne from Istanbul

    Planning a trip to Edirne from Istanbul? Let us ensure a memorable journey for you. Our trips from Istanbul to Edirne are designed for maximum comfort and convenience, with organized transport, dedicated guides, and well-planned itineraries. Explore the architectural marvel of Selimiye Mosque, wander around the bustling Arasta Bazaar, and dive into the city’s rich history at the Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum. Conclude your day with a hearty meal of traditional Edirne cuisine and return to Istanbul with unforgettable memories of a fascinating city.

    Daily Edirne Tour
    Daily Edirne Tour

    Day Trip to Edirne

    Experience the magic of Edirne with our Day Trip to Edirne. Designed for those with a love for history, architecture, and culture, this day trip is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the enchanting city of Edirne. Begin your day at the stunning Selimiye Mosque, move on to the Old Mosque, and be mesmerized by the Ottoman-era splendor. Step into the historical Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, a unique testament to the advancement of medical sciences during the Ottoman Empire. Our day trip ensures that you don’t miss any of the essential attractions in Edirne.

    Edirne Tours from Istanbul

    Venture beyond the usual and embark on our Edirne Tours from Istanbul. Just a short journey away from the metropolis, Edirne stands as a proud emblem of Turkey’s historical heritage. Our tours ensure a comfortable journey from Istanbul, followed by a day filled with discovery and exploration in Edirne. Weave through the city’s charming streets, witness the magnificence of the Selimiye Mosque, delve into the heart of the local bazaars, and experience the culinary delights that Edirne has to offer. Return to Istanbul under the setting sun, carrying with you the essence and memories of a city that splendidly showcases the grandeur of its past.

    Day Tours from Istanbul

    Istanbul, a city straddling two continents, captivates travelers with its vibrant history, cultural heritage, and bustling ambiance. But just beyond its bustling streets lie hidden gems waiting to be discovered. If you find yourself yearning to explore more of Turkey’s diverse landscapes and historical wonders, consider embarking on some captivating day tours from Istanbul. Here are a few exceptional options that will take you on an unforgettable journey beyond the city’s boundaries.

    Gallipoli Battlefield Tour: A Tribute to History

    For history enthusiasts and those seeking a poignant experience, a day trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula is a must. This hallowed ground bears witness to the heart-wrenching World War I battle that took place between Allied forces and the Ottoman Empire. The tour takes you to significant sites like ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine Cemetery, and Chunuk Bair, where the heroic stories of soldiers from various nations come alive. Amidst the serene landscape, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who fought here.

    Bursa: The Green Gem of Turkey

    Escape the city’s hustle and bustle with a day trip to Bursa, known as the “Green City” for its lush forests and parks. A short ferry ride across the Sea of Marmara transports you to this picturesque town, which was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Don’t miss the chance to ride the cable car up Uludağ Mountain, offering breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside. Explore the Grand Mosque and the historic covered bazaar, where you can shop for traditional Turkish goods and delectable local treats.

    Princes’ Islands: Tranquility Unleashed

    Are you yearning for a respite from the city’s constant motion? The Princes’ Islands, a collection of nine car-free isles in the Sea of Marmara, are the perfect retreat. Take a leisurely boat ride to Büyükada, the largest and most popular island, where charming horse-drawn carriages replace motorized vehicles. Meander through picturesque streets, indulge in delectable seafood, and soak up the island’s serene atmosphere. A visit to the iconic Aya Yorgi Monastery atop the hill rewards you with breathtaking panoramas of the sea and neighboring islands.

    Ephesus: Walking Through Ancient History

    Step back in time with a day trip to Ephesus, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the Mediterranean region. The journey from Istanbul to Ephesus may involve a short flight, but the historical wonders you’ll encounter are well worth it. Marvel at the astonishingly well-preserved Library of Celsus, the colossal Great Theatre, and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A guided tour through this archaeological marvel allows you to relive the grandeur of ancient Roman life.

    Troy: Unraveling Myth and Reality

    Embark on an epic adventure to Troy, a legendary city immortalized in Homer’s epic poems. Uncover the layers of history as you explore the ancient ruins, including the famous wooden horse replica. A visit to the Troy Museum further enriches your understanding of this mythical and historical site. The day tour to Troy provides a fascinating blend of myth and reality, leaving you with a sense of wonder and admiration for this timeless tale.

    Daily Tours from Istanbul
    Daily Tours from Istanbul

    Whether you’re drawn to historical battlefields, picturesque landscapes, or ancient marvels, these day tours from Istanbul promise an enriching and diverse array of experiences. Each excursion is a testament to the country’s cultural heritage, offering an opportunity to connect with Turkey’s past while exploring its present beauty. So, pack your curiosity and sense of adventure and set out on an unforgettable journey beyond Istanbul’s captivating cityscape.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Edirne Tour

    Q: What is an Edirne Tour?

    A: An Edirne Tour is a guided tour of the city of Edirne, Turkey. The tour typically includes visits to the city’s many historical sites, landmarks, and cultural heritage sites and provides travelers with a comprehensive and immersive experience of Edirne’s rich history and culture.


    Q: Where is Edirne located?

    A: Edirne is located in the northwestern region of Turkey, near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria.


    Q: What are the main attractions in Edirne?

    A: Some of the main attractions in Edirne include the Edirne Palace, Selimiye Mosque, and the city’s many Ottoman-era buildings and hammams. The city is also known for its natural beauty, including the Tunca River and the surrounding countryside.


    Q: Can I take a private Edirne tour?

    A: Yes, private Edirne tours are available for those who prefer a more personalized and tailored experience.


    Q: Can I take a daily Edirne tour?

    A: Yes, daily Edirne tours are also available for those who prefer to join a group tour.


    Q: How long is the Edirne tour?

    A: The length of an Edirne tour can vary, but full-day tours are typically around 8–10 hours.


    Q: What is included in an Edirne tour?

    A: The inclusions of an Edirne tour can vary depending on the tour provider, but typical inclusions include transportation, a local guide, and visits to the city’s many historical sites and landmarks.


    Q: Is transportation included in an Edirne tour?

    A: Transportation is usually included in an Edirne tour, but it is best to check with our tour consultant for specific details.


    Q: Is a local guide included in an Edirne tour?

    A: Yes, a local guide is typically included in an Edirne tour.


    Q: Can I book an Edirne tour from Istanbul?

    A: Yes, Edirne tours can be booked from Istanbul, making it easy for travelers to include the city in their itinerary.


    Q: Is Edirne a must-visit for those interested in Turkish history and culture?

    A: Yes, Edirne is a must-visit for those interested in Turkish history and culture. The city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural heritage make it a unique and unforgettable experience.


    Q: Can I combine an Edirne tour with a visit to Istanbul?

    A: Yes, it is possible to combine an Edirne tour with a visit to Istanbul. Many tour providers offer combined Edirne and Istanbul tours, making it easy for travelers to experience both cities.


    Q: Is there a minimum age requirement for Edirne tours?

    A: There is usually no minimum age requirement for Edirne tours, but it is best to check with the tour provider for specific details.


    Q: How do I book an Edirne tour?

    A: Edirne tours can be booked online through our tour provider, Romos. It is recommended to book in advance to ensure availability.

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