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I was born on a cold January day in 1990 in Istanbul, where I was raised until I turned 17. My education began at the private Doğuş schools, encompassing elementary, middle, and high school. Upon graduating from high school, I moved to Canada to study English. During my second year in Canada, I decided to pursue a degree in psychology. However, after three years, I realized that psychology wasn’t my true calling. At the age of 22, in 2012, I returned to Turkey.

Luck struck me the day after my plane landed in Istanbul. A family friend informed me about a job opening at their travel agency. Thanks to my background in psychology and strong English skills, I quickly became a people person at the agency, thriving in the tourism industry.

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated by history and geography. It was my childhood dream to become a historian. Being social and outgoing, I naturally enjoyed helping and guiding people. With these passions combined, it was clear that my destiny was to become a tour guide.

To formalize my career path, I enrolled in university to study tour guidance, completing the program in two years. In 2015, I finally achieved my goal of becoming a professional tour guide. But I didn’t stop there—I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a historian. I enrolled in university once again to study history, balancing work during the summers with studying in the winters. In 2021, after four years of hard work, I graduated as a historian.

I am excited to share my country, my city, and our rich culture and history with you. Let’s embark on a journey together where I can show you the beauty of my homeland and the stories that make it unique!

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  • Cultural Istanbul Tours
  • Historical Istanbul Tours
  • Istanbul Off the Beaten Path Tours
  • Istanbul Shopping Tours
  • Istanbul Culinary Tour
  • Istanbul Asian Side Tour
  • Gallipoli Tour from Istanbul
  • Troy Tour from Istanbul
  • Bursa Tour from Istanbul
  • Istanbul Archaeology Tours
  • Istanbul Architectural Tours
  • Chronological Istanbul Tour
  • Relics of Byzantine Empire Tour
  • Relics of Ottoman Empire Tour

Tour Guide Ozgen’s Certificates

Professional-TUREB-LICENSE NUMBER – 4503
Certificate Year: 2015

Tour Guide Ozgen’s Hobbies

Olympic Fencing License – 2023
Voice Training and Choir License – 2013
Fencing Referee License – 2016
Wine Tasting License – 2017
Historical Fencing Instructor License – 2015

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    Hire a Tour Guide in Istanbul

    When you decide to hire a tour guide in Istanbul, you’re opening yourself up to a world of insight and authentic experience that goes beyond the surface of travel guidebooks. Our tour guides offer an in-depth understanding of Istanbul’s cultural heritage, history, and current social trends. They provide personalized experiences, navigating the labyrinth of old streets, bustling markets, and grand architecture, making your Istanbul journey unforgettable.

    Private Guides in Istanbul

    Our private guides in Istanbul offer a one-on-one experience to explore the city at your own pace. With their expert guidance, you can explore the intricate complexities of the Hagia Sophia, and the grandeur of Topkapi Palace, or find the best local eateries off the beaten path. A private guide ensures your interests are catered to, whether you are a history enthusiast, a foodie, or an adventure lover.

    Private Guide in Istanbul

    A private guide in Istanbul allows you to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture without the pressure of keeping up with a group. Our guides are well-versed in local customs, languages, and hidden gems within the city. With tailored itineraries that cater to your interests, a private guide in Istanbul provides an exclusive and enriching experience that will give you a profound understanding of this amazing city.

    The Best Private Tour Guides in Istanbul Turkey

    Our best private tour guides in Istanbul Turkey, have years of experience and a passion for sharing the city’s magic with visitors. They hold the keys to the city, knowing every historical corner, every breathtaking view, and every mouth-watering local delicacy. With unparalleled knowledge and captivating storytelling skills, they bring Istanbul’s rich tapestry of history and culture to life, ensuring you take home more than just photos but memories to last a lifetime.

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    Istanbul Private Tour

    Indulge in the ultimate Istanbul experience with our Istanbul private tour. Tailored to your interests and preferences, this exclusive tour ensures an intimate exploration of the city’s most remarkable sites. From the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia and the iconic Blue Mosque to the vibrant Grand Bazaar and the serene Bosphorus, our knowledgeable guides will unveil the treasures of Istanbul while providing personalized attention and in-depth commentary. Discover the city’s hidden gems and immerse yourself in its rich cultural tapestry with our Istanbul private tour.

    Private Guided Tours in Istanbul

    Embark on a private adventure through Istanbul with our private guided tours in Istanbul. Led by experienced and passionate guides, these tours offer a tailored and flexible itinerary to suit your preferences. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a food lover, or a photography buff, our guides will curate a unique tour that caters to your specific interests. From exploring ancient ruins and sampling mouthwatering Turkish delicacies to capturing breathtaking vistas and engaging with local artisans, our private guided tours ensure an authentic and immersive experience in Istanbul.

    Local Guide in Istanbul

    Unlock the secrets of Istanbul with the expertise of a knowledgeable local guide in Istanbul. Our guides are passionate locals who possess an in-depth understanding of the city’s history, culture, and traditions. They will take you off the beaten path, introducing you to lesser-known neighborhoods, hidden gems, and authentic local experiences. With their insider knowledge, you’ll discover the true essence of Istanbul, gain valuable insights, and create lasting memories. Immerse yourself in the local way of life and let our local guide in Istanbul show you the city through the eyes of a true insider.

    Guided Istanbul Tours

    Experience the enigmatic charm of Istanbul, a city of contrasts where two continents meet, through our comprehensive guided Istanbul tours. Witness the city’s fusion of ancient and modern cultures as you traverse the bustling bazaars, awe-inspiring monuments, and opulent palaces. Our guided Istanbul tours are meticulously designed to ensure you take in the city’s key historical and cultural highlights, from the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace to the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque. Each tour has knowledgeable guides who are enthusiastic about sharing the history and trivia of their city with you.

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    Unlock the hidden gems of Istanbul with our local tour guides in Istanbul, professionals who know the city’s streets like the back of their hands. With their deep-rooted understanding of Istanbul’s history, culture, and cuisine, they can take you off the beaten path and into the heart of the city’s vibrant neighborhoods. They’ll take you to secret spots only locals know, share fascinating stories about landmarks, and provide invaluable insights that only a local would possess. Their charm, friendliness, and extensive knowledge will undoubtedly enrich your Istanbul experience.

    Private Tour of Istanbul

    For travelers seeking a more personalized and exclusive exploration of Istanbul, our private tour of Istanbul is an ideal choice. Tailored to your interests and pace, these tours offer the flexibility to dive deep into the aspects of Istanbul that fascinate you the most. Whether it’s exploring the Byzantine and Ottoman marvels, walking through the aromatic Spice Bazaar, or cruising down the Bosphorus, your dedicated guide will be there to ensure your every need and curiosity are met. Our private tours are perfect for those wanting an immersive, unhurried, and in-depth look into the spirit of Istanbul.

    Istanbul Private Guide

    Our Istanbul private guide is much more than just a tour leader; they’re your personal ambassadors to this enchanting city. Highly trained, professional, and enthusiastic, our guides are committed to delivering a memorable journey through Istanbul. They’re your window to the local life, folklore, and hidden treasures that make Istanbul so unique. Equipped with an intimate understanding of the city’s history and culture, they will skillfully adapt your tour to match your personal interests, ensuring that every moment in Istanbul is unforgettable.

    Istanbul Private Guided Tours

    Experience Istanbul like never before with our Istanbul private guided tours. These tours combine the exclusivity of a private tour with the expertise of our local guides. From the ancient walls of Constantinople to the thriving arts scene in Karaköy, our private tours are curated to showcase the diverse aspects of Istanbul. With a flexible itinerary and one-on-one attention, these tours cater to your interests and curiosity. Engage in enlightening conversations with your guide, delve into the local gastronomy, and lose yourself in the magic of Istanbul, all at your own pace. It’s the most intimate, informative, and inspiring way to see Istanbul.

    Istanbul Local Guide

    Discover Istanbul like a true insider with the help of an Istanbul local guide. Our local guides are passionate about their city and possess a deep understanding of its history, culture, and hidden treasures. They will accompany you on a journey through Istanbul’s winding streets, revealing its best-kept secrets and sharing fascinating stories along the way.

    With an Istanbul local guide by your side, you’ll experience the city from a unique perspective. They will take you beyond the well-trodden tourist paths and introduce you to authentic local experiences, such as bustling neighborhood markets, hidden eateries serving mouthwatering street food, and charming cafés frequented by locals.

    Our local guides are experts in navigating Istanbul’s vibrant neighborhoods, from the historical wonders of Sultanahmet to the trendy districts of Beyoglu and Kadikoy. They will lead you to iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace while also delving into lesser-known corners that showcase the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

    What sets our Istanbul local guides apart is their ability to tailor the tour to your interests and preferences. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, a food lover, or simply looking to immerse yourself in the local way of life, our guides will curate a personalized itinerary just for you. They will share their deep knowledge of Istanbul’s art scene, recommend hidden art galleries, or take you to local workshops where you can witness traditional craftsmanship.

    By choosing an Istanbul local guide, you’ll get more than just a tour. You’ll forge a connection with a knowledgeable and passionate local who will share their love for Istanbul, its stories, and its people. Prepare to be captivated by the city’s rich history, mesmerized by its stunning architecture, and enchanted by its vibrant atmosphere, all while gaining a deeper understanding of Istanbul’s culture and traditions.

    Let our Istanbul local guide be your trusted companion and unveil the hidden gems and authentic experiences that make Istanbul a truly extraordinary destination.

    Istanbul Private Tour Guide

    Istanbul, the mesmerizing city where East meets West, offers an abundant array of historical, cultural, and culinary attractions. How can you ensure that you experience all that this stunning city has to offer? Istanbul private tours may be your answer. But what makes them so special? Let’s dive in and find out.

    Why opt for Istanbul private tours?

    Customization and flexibility

    Unlike standard group tours, private tours of Istanbul give you the power to customize your itinerary based on your interests and preferences. Love history? Spend more time exploring ancient landmarks. Foodie? Let’s dive deeper into the bustling markets and local eateries. You set the pace, ensuring an entirely unique experience.

    Expert knowledge and guidance

    Your Istanbul private tour guide brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. They know the ins and outs of the city, can tell stories you won’t find in any guidebook, and can navigate the bustling streets with ease. All this ensures a smooth, informative, and enriching tour experience.

    Personalized Experiences

    On private tours, your experience is paramount. Your guide will personalize your journey, tailoring each aspect to your preferences. This level of personalization often leads to unforgettable encounters with the local culture, people, and hidden gems of the city.

    What to Expect from Private Tours of Istanbul

    Historical Sites and Landmarks

    Istanbul’s history spans centuries, and with a private tour guide, you’ll delve deep into its past. From the grandeur of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque to the ancient walls of the Topkapi Palace, there’s no shortage of fascinating sites.

    Local Cuisine and Markets

    Turkey’s cuisine is a treat for the senses. Your guide can lead you through fragrant markets, introduce you to local delicacies, and even organize cooking lessons. It’s an edible adventure like no other!

    Cultural Exploration

    Experience the rich tapestry of Turkish culture with your private guide. Witness the mystical dance of the Whirling Dervishes, lose yourself in the vibrant nightlife, or relax in a traditional Hammam. The possibilities are endless.

    Highlights of Istanbul Multi-Day Tours

    Multi-Day Itinerary Overview

    Istanbul Multi-Day Tours allow you to explore the city at your own pace and in great detail. These tours provide a comprehensive experience, covering all key attractions along with some lesser-known gems.

    Unique Features of Multi-Day Tours

    Apart from a detailed exploration, multi-day tours often include experiences like a Bosphorus cruise or dinner with a local family. The extended timeframe also allows for leisurely exploration and ample rest.

    How to Choose Your Istanbul Private Tour Guide

    Expertise and knowledge

    Your guide’s knowledge can make or break your tour experience. Choose someone who’s knowledgeable about Istanbul’s history, culture, and geography. An expert guide will provide insights that breathe life into each location you visit.

    Personal interactions and relationships

    A private tour is a personal experience, and having a guide you feel comfortable with is essential. They should be personable, understanding, and attentive to your needs. Read reviews or seek recommendations to find a guide who’s renowned for creating meaningful connections.

    An Istanbul private tour guide offers an unparalleled exploration of this fascinating city. Private tours provide customization, expert knowledge, and personalized experiences, making them the preferred choice for many travelers. Whether you’re seeking a rich historical journey, a culinary adventure, or a deep dive into Turkish culture, a private tour of Istanbul promises an unforgettable experience.


    Q: What are the main advantages of an Istanbul private tour?

    A: Private tours offer customization, expert guidance, and a personalized experience that you wouldn’t typically get with a group tour.

    Q: What can I expect to see on a multi-day Istanbul tour?

    A: Multi-day tours provide a comprehensive exploration of Istanbul, covering major landmarks like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace and including unique experiences like a Bosphorus cruise or a traditional Turkish meal.

    Q: How do I choose the right private tour guide?

    A: Choose a guide based on their expertise, knowledge of Istanbul, and personal interaction skills. Reviews and recommendations can be very helpful.

    Q: Can I customize my private tour?

    A: Absolutely! One of the main benefits of a private tour is the ability to tailor the itinerary to your interests and preferences.

    Q: Are multi-day tours tiring?

    A: While multi-day tours are comprehensive, they’re designed with your comfort in mind. There’s always a balance between exploration and rest, ensuring you enjoy your journey without feeling rushed.

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