Why Istanbul Isn’t the Capital of Turkey?

Where is the Capital of Turkey

Most important cities for over 2000 years and one of the few major cities in two different continents and even then housing over 15 million people and is the largest city in Europe 10th largest in the world and by far the largest in Turkey it was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire from a 3 establishment at 3:38 until it was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453 from henceforth it became the capital of the Ottoman Empire with the Ottoman Empire gone since 1922 however Istanbul no longer serves as the capital of the modern Republic of Turkey is that honor now goes to the city of Ankara!

Do You Know the Capital of Turkey?


so why did Turkey decide to move its capital away from a city as big let’s go back in time a bit so we can see the full story is strumbled one of the world’s most important cities. A bit further back than that in 1453 after years of Ottoman expansion all around the Byzantine / Eastern Roman Empire the ottoman surrounded the remains of the old Empire which was now effectively a city-state consisting of Constantinople and a few other scattered territories since their initial founding in 1299 was the Ottomans have moved Constantinople and a few others scattered territories since their initial founding in 1299 is the Ottomans have moved the capital of a few times already from so it’s down to Bursa 


Map of Ankara City


Istanbul River - Bosphorus

and then over to adrianople now known as I do your name and now look at Snowbowl presumably thinking it would be an awesome City to have his capital and so without going into too many details for which I absolutely make a future video about Constantinople was conquered after years of Siege Decades of previous ottoman attempts and over a thousand years of attempts in general the city was made the new & Final capital of the Ottoman Empire the theme is Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque Pence the minarets and the city was not actually renamed yes the Ottoman Empire ruled these lands and expanded into surrounding lands for over 500 years afterwards but by the nineteenth-century it would eventually be given the nickname the sick man of Europe has its decent started the weekend and Province after Province started to gradually break away even if only to become part of France and Britain’s colonial empires shortly after the turn of the twentieth century Europe set itself in what would be known as world war in which the Ottomans joined what would turn out to be the losing side at the end of the war British troops made their way into Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire was confined to the borders to make a modern turkey and then split it amongst the Victorious powers and after the Treaty of SEPTA the treaty was signed in 1920 between set Victoria’s powers and the Ottoman Empire no further consigning automatic control to this part of Northern Anatolia with this park going to Greece to France this part of the UK this part to Armenia this part of Georgia and the area around the Bosphorus 

is sea of marmara and the Dardanelles being declared in international Zone looking at these borders however one thing people probably weren’t thinking was yeah sure that’ll work perfectly fine and well to be fair I wasn’t really attended to and it didn’t work perfectly fine as it almost immediately escalated the Turkish war of independence the conflicts had already been underway for the past couple years as Allied Forces had already occupied parts of turkey previously but disagreement about the Treaty affect if we split the Turkish government into two camps the old Imperial government base in Constantinople who had agreed to the terms and the Turkish national movement established just a few months prior in Ankara then still not in the west has Angora or and Cyra and to fight against the Allied powers to restore their borders in an incredibly complex war that Jazzy already made it Go video on in summary though Greece was basically the only Power that actually really truly thought the church is resistance as Italy pulled out almost immediately to Russia and France by the warlike race was and so decided screw this war out the Turkish national movement was essentially an amalgamation of various different Turkish revolutionary forces with one especially prominent figure being Mustafa Kemal

mustafe kamal ataturk the father of turks

who of course will later adopt the honorific surname Ataturk meaning father of the Turks looking at his legacy a modern turkey this might seem like an app title and not just because his face is on all the money the Ottoman Empire was a very different country from the Republic of Turkey that we know today as modern turkey is now way more secular and westernized largely due to efforts from this guy with his new government being a strictly secular one even going so far as to ban traditional dress for a time just to use them somewhat polarizing examples in fact he even change the writing system used by the Turkish language from a modified form of Arabic to a modified Latin alphabet and even brought back old turkic words for various for the purposes for which they had previously use loan words from Arabic and Persian the Treaty of lausanne was signed in July 1923 and the new Republic of Turkey was proclaimed on the 29th of October 1923 without a jerk as its first presidents one matters that also needed to be addressed though other than religion and language was which city was to be the capital of this new Republic also around this time Constantinople


Old Constantionple City

was officially renamed to Istanbul to Ataturk the said he simply didn’t spark joy as a capital for his new Republic is the largest reason for this was because it’s not a bolt had already been the capital of the old salts in it meaning that situated the new Republic’s Capital back in Istanbul would essentially seem like a symbol that nothing has really changed that wasn’t the only reason though since keep in mind the city had also hosted the headquarters of out of church the resistance movement in fact the movement originally started in the eastern city of eras of all the seeing as I was to stay yet another reason for a selection of capital a big city in the center of turkey today is Istanbul is still turkey’s largest city and Incredibly important hub for finance trade tourism and basically anything else a country we need a hub for as well as a strategic location for NATO of which Turkey has of course in member has seen a massive population bill now taking the place as Turkey’s second-largest City at over 5 million people nowhere near assembles 15 million.

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