Istanbul Tour Guide Baris

istanbul tour guide baris

About Istanbul Tour Guide Baris

I was born in 1974 in Istanbul as the first child of a deaf couple.

I hold MA in History from the Istanbul Medeniyet University with my thesis Entitled “Evaluation of the News Subject to Armenians in Anatoli Newspaper (1894-1897)”. I also hold BA in Business Administration from the Beykent University Tourist Guiding Department and graduated at the top of my class.

I was one of the founder delegates of the Turkey Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) in 2012. I also acted as the General Secretary of the Greek Speaker Guides Association (YURED).  I have been an active member of the Istanbul Guides Chamber (IRO) since 2007.

I am also the founder and executive board president of the History Culture Tourism Guides Association (TKTC).  Additionally, I am in charge of the Arbitration Commission member of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA), and the West Asia Regional Representative of the same federation.

I have led tours in more than sixty countries as I am currently approaching the twentieth year in my profession. I operate in Turkish, English, Greek, and Turkish Sign Languages. I can read Ancient Greek and Classical Turkish and communicate in French and Italian as well.

istanbul tour guide baris

Tour Guide Baris’s Language(s)

English, Greek


Tour Guide Baris’s Expertise

  • Cultural Istanbul Tours
  • Historical Istanbul Tours
  • Istanbul Religious and Christian Tours
  • Istanbul Religious and Islamic
  • Istanbul Off the Beaten Path Tours
  • Istanbul Archaeology Tours
  • Istanbul Architectural Tours
  • Istanbul Disabled Friendly Tour Tours


Tour Guide Baris’s Certificates

Professional-TUREB-LICENSE NUMBER-1359
Certificate Year: 2007

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Istanbul Tour with Baris

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