What is Tour Guide?

What is Tour Guide?

A tour Guide is a Person, employed to show tourists around places of interest.



Not permanently connected with any travel agency and paid per tip

Permanently connected with a travel agency, receives monthly salary



A person competent enough to guide in a certain locality area

A person who accompanies a group of tourists from the point of origin to the destination and back to the origin.

A guide who specializes in a certain field such as botany, architecture, history, botany life, etc

A guide who joins a bus for a local sightseeing excursion

Tour Guide in Turkey

One of the largest sectors of Turkey is undoubtedly the tourism sector. This sector, also known as a chimney-free industry, is of great benefit to the country’s economy. Every year, millions of domestic and foreign tourists flock to Turkey’s summer-winter tourism centers. This huge sector also contributes greatly to employment. Hotel employees, security personnel, service personnel, as well as tour guidance are the most prominent professions. Thousands of Istanbul tour guides in Turkey. Tour guides located in 81 provinces promote the country and artifacts in the country to thousands of local and foreign tourists.

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How to Become a Tour Guide in Turkey?

The guide is a word of Persian origin. It means guide. A guide helps a person or group find the truth. Sometimes it can be the right address, sometimes it can be information. Also known as guiding. The world tour, on the other hand, is of French origin and means to wander, and wander. A tour guide is a person who takes the lead in Travel, Travel organizations, gives information, introduces, guides, and describes. This person who has to give accurate information is the guide of the tourists. It can accompany long or short trips.

What Does a Tour Guide Do?

There are tour guides who work under a firm, as well as guides who work privately. What Does A Tour Guide Do? Bus stations, ports, airports, and tourist companies in front of the tourists, will participate in the trip meets. Organizes tour and excursion organizations. He prepares travel documents. Sets departure-End Times of aircraft, trains, buses, and cars. Shares information about the trip with guests. He counts the people who participated in the trip, the tour takes care of them. By communicating well, he becomes a friend of the guests. He studies all kinds of topics related to the trip and knows them well. It shares stories, legends, and information with guests. It works to ensure the smooth end of the trip and the organization.

How To Become A Tour Guide?

To become a tour guide, subject training is a very important requirement. Because candidates who graduate from university departments such as tourism guidance or tourist guidance learn all the subtleties of this job. But this is not a condition called a sine qua non. People who study in different departments of universities or do not have a university education can also be world-famous guides. Another requirement for guidance is the Foreign Language Requirement. Foreign language knowledge directly affects the success of guides in business and finding work. In addition, being honest, not lying, being knowledgeable, and having high communication skills are also elements that increase the success of employees. People who want to be tour guides must meet elements such as Education, Foreign Language Requirements. People who meet these conditions can establish their own tourism agencies. He can also apply for jobs at hotels. In addition, it can work with tourism companies. So you can do this profession.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Tour Guide?

Be Sociable, social, and friendly. He must speak a foreign language. He should use Turkish well (in Turkey Guides). He must master all kinds of issues related to his mission. He must get a good education or, if he is sarcastic, he must study well in his class, and in his work. He must know the places he will walk, the topics he will tell, like the back of his hand. He has to be honest. He should not be a moneylender, a crook, or an abuser of tourists. It should work in coordination with the Ministry of culture.

How Much Does The Tour Guide per Month?

Pay, And Earnings? The tourism sector is an extremely mobile sector in summer and a less mobile sector in winter. Therefore, the income of tour guides in the summer months can be 3-4 times compared to the winter months. It is also important in which institution the employees work and under what conditions they work. For example, employees connected to an agent and hotel can have monthly salaries ranging from 8 to 10 thousand TL per month according to their contracts. Freelancers can receive up to 15-30 thousand TL per month according to their work pace. But the earnings of people who are not very successful and experienced in the field who have just entered the sector can vary between 10-15 thousand TL.

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