SINCE 1399

The symbolic Mosque of Bursa, was built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid in 1399. According to story, after Sultan Bayezid defeated Serbian army at Niğbolu, he decided to build 20 mosques in Bursa.

When Bayezid told his idea to his son-in law, he advised to build a mosque with 20 domes rather than 20 mosques. The Grand Mosque has unique distinctive Ottoman architecture; 55,00-69,00 m2, rectangular plan and the interior is 3.165,5 m2. The Grand Mosque is the largest central mosque among the others.

The Bursa Grand Mosque houses one of the most unique Ottoman Calligraphies which were written by Sefik Bey. In the inner walls, there are 192 calligraphies in total.

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