Cumalıkızık is one of the oldest villages in Turkey. The village is located on the South of Bursa and 700 years old. According to Ottoman archives, Cumalikizik was founded by the Ottoman Sultan Orhan in 1200’s. The village is keeping the traditional Ottoman architecture and culture. Cumalikizik Village was taken under control by Turkish government to protect its atmospher in 1980.                 

There are many traditional wooden Turkish-Ottoman houses in Cumalıkızık Village. Generally, the houses are three storeys and the Access has two storeys made of wood, the courtyard is made of stone. The mezzanine is being used for winter, the high roof in the second floor is being used for summer times. The walls are, in general, yellow, blue, green white or purple colour. There is no any window at the entrance because of privacy.

Cumalikizik Village has 57 officially registered civil architecture traditional houses out of 270 and apart from them, a mosque, fountain and two plan trees are situated in the village.

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