Istanbul Camlica Tower

Best Futuristic Artwork of Istanbul City

Camlica Tower

Planned in 2011 “Çamlıca TV and antenna tower
The project, designed by architect Melike Altınışık for the” project ” competition, is today one of the highest points of Istanbul, 
It rises to 369 meters on Çamlıca Hill. Sarıdağlar The tower built by Inşaat aş is 218 meters above sea level, 10 thousand m2 project area and 2,400 m2 on a session area. Reinforced concrete structure 203,5 meters and steel antenna its height is 165 meters along with the transition zone, its total length is 369 meters, and its height is above sea level It reaches an elevation of 587 meters. In both Groves, rather than being a new Tv-radio Tower dozens of towers scattered collects in one structure, when completed
It will be a futuristic work that will contribute to the Istanbul skyline. At 148 and 153 meters cruising floors; 175 and 180 meters

Camlica Tower will breathe new life into Istanbul travel and social life with its restaurants.


istanbul camlica hill tower

So Natural on the Çamlıca Hill in Istanbul

it is a structure with a futuristic character that rises from the beauties as a dynamic and organic form. At the heart of the design process; lies a strong relationship. Design of the project her story is in the little Çamlıca Grove existing park walkway, natural separated from the floor by a thin line and entering
it is connected to the mass to the navigational path overlooking the view of the islands in the upper cover.
it starts with his transformation. Istanbul Çamlıca TV and radio tower is actually a reflection of its nature.
The topography in which it was located was reflected in the form of the structure. At the beginning of the inputs of tower design, the prevailing wind direction, landscape foci and communication systems
it has a strong bond with the main carrier. Any
it has a stance independent of the urban fabric. Your eye is not used to it Its total height reaches 369 meters, 203,5 meters being reinforced concrete structure and 165 meters being the transition area of the steel antenna height, peaking at 587-meter from the sea level. That is to say, it will be beyond being a TV-Radio tower and it will rather act as a futuristic artwork that brings together tens of towers dispersed along both groves and that will, once complete, it’s the silhouette of Istanbul.
It will blow a new breath to the tourism and social life of Istanbul with its viewing floors at the 148th and 153rd meters and its restaurants at the 175th and 180thmeters.


November – December 50 Ready Mixed Concrete *2018 * November-December
it has an organic structure that it doesn’t have. Originally a symmetry in itself
it’s got an axle. There is no front-back, there is a state of derforme according to the landscape using the axle of symmetry. The face facing Asia it’s different, the European part is different.It offers an adventure focused on nature and landscape. Structure actually, he has five different landscape adventures to offer. On the ground floor even you’re 218 meters above sea level. Istanbul, Television and radio transmitter towers spread over Çamlıca Groves are combined in one structure and modern communication systems The entrance mass of this telecommunications tower, which will come to life at a height of 369 meters, is open to the public foyer, cafe, exhibition and medyatek fields will host. On either side of the tower rising “Panorama lifts”, both monolithic body architectural elements that feed and divide into two. Visitors, 180 meters with panorama lifts both on one side the historical peninsula extends to the Black Sea coast on the other side you will experience a vertical journey both cruising Istanbul at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level and a restaurant will be able to watch from his floors.

camlica tower

Istanbul Tower

Camlica Hill Tower

Advanced in terms of architectural design and construction methodology
in this original project, which requires engineering techniques, all it will adapt to construction processes in material selection care was taken to include the features. Facade design according to the original character and from the results of the wind tunnel test special production GFRC (GFRC: Glass Fiber) with concrete content of the facade material selected when added to the design in incoming data Reinforced Concrete / reinforced concrete panels) consists of panels. Due to the formal geometry of the tower, more than 2,500 of each other
it has different facade panels. Computer for each panel 3-D design data in the environment taken from the factory each with CNC using digital fabrication techniques separate mold production is carried out for the panel and panels with GFRC it’s getting final.

Istanbul Tower Restaurant

Camlica Hill Tower Restaurant

Camlica Hill Tower Restaurants
The new tower, a symbol of Istanbul, has a restaurant at 393,5 and 398 meters above sea level on the 39th and 40th floors. On the 33rd and 34th floors there are also two separate viewing terraces, 366.5 and 371 meters above sea level.

Entrance Fee of Camlica Hill

150 TL - per person

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