The Green Mosque and Green Tomb



The Green Mosque was commissioned by the Sultan Çelebi Mehmet and was built by the architect Haci Ivaz Pasha in 1419. The portal at the entrance of the mosque is the most beautiful sample of the Turkish stone carving. The mukarnas hand carving is spectacular. The gate of arch is made of green marble and stone. The whole ornamentation of the mosque was made by Nakkaş Ali.

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The Green Tomb was commissioned by Çelebi Mehmet ,the son of Yildirim Bayezid and built by the architect Haci Ivaz in 1421. The tomb is octagonal, pointed dome and specific characteristic style. The tomb consists of cross vaults which has windows in every corner and sarcophaguses on the floor. The tiles of the tomb are mostly green colour and they are one of the most beautiful samples of the Ottoman art. In the middle of the tomb, Çelebi Mehmet’s mausoleum is located which is made of marble, octagonal designed and beautiful tiles. As we read from the inscription of the tomb, those tiles of the Green Tombs were made by Mecnun Mehmet. Most of the inner part of the mosque is decorated with tiles which made by Mecnun Mehmet. The most remarkable part of the mosque is the mihrap which is 10 meters and the tile workmanship is worth to see.

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