The Selimiye Mosque was built by the Ottoman Sultan Selim II in 1568-1575. The mosque was designed by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Sinan divided his carreer in three terms; Şehzade Mosque for apprenticeship, Süleymaniye Mosque compagnon, Selimiye Mosque is the mastery. Selimiye Mosque had reached the Ottoman architecture to the top level with Mimar Sinan.

The mosque is a classical Ottoman architecture with  31,25 meters dome, 4 minarets, Iznik tiles, calligraphies, carpets, arasta bazaar, madrasa, library, baths and fountains. During the Balkan Wars, Edirne was invaded by the Bulgarian army and the mosque was damaged. M.K. Ataturk renovated the mosque.

Today, Selimiye Mosque is standing as the monument of Edirne and in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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